Phobias Are Very Real and More Than Half of Us Suffer From a Serious Phobia
My wife and I live in a four-story downtown condo building and when the weather is nice we like to spend time on the roof, which is equipped with couches, chairs and a gas BBQ grill. Recently, we were up there with some friends and one one of my friends got a little too close to me near the rail and I backed away. He asked why I backed away and I told him I had a fear of people being too close to
An App To Cure Your Fear Of Spiders [VIDEO]
Are you afraid of spiders? Well, now, there's an app for that. An app called Fear of Spiders Phobia Treatment says it can help cure your spider phobia. It's only $2.99, you can get treated with "NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, and mind mapping methods." On t...