10 Things No One Tells You About Parenthood
You understand where Sweet Brown was coming from... 'cause aint nobody got time for that!
We all got a good laugh from ole' Sweet Brown but now that I'm a parent, her sage words have hit me like a ton of bricks. See #2 for an example.
Your hair will look like crap and your wardrobe will…
Awesome Dad Builds Spaceship for Son
This guy's Dad Level = Outer space. With some donated old electronics and a master control board found in a TV station's dumpster, he built his son a spaceship. Then Redditor JeremiahGordon shared his results with the world. We must admit, we're pretty impressed. Take a look!
Best Dad Ever Sends Toy Train Into Space [VIDEO]
We assumed this guy was the world's worst dad for taking his son's favorite toy and launching it into space. But it turns out he could track it using GPS so that it wouldn't be lost forever, and he is actually the coolest dad on earth because now his kid has a video of his train in sp…
Alan Jackson Opens Up About Family Life
Alan Jackson lives in a house FULL of women, which brings a lot of delight — and some major drama every now and then. In a recent interview with radio station Q106 in Madison, Wisc., Alan opened about being a proud father but admittes to intimidating his daughters&Clos…
Leslie’s Favorite Video Of The Week
The video for Martina McBride's Teenage Daughters shows mother/daughter relationships over the decades. We see a funny side to Martina that is normally hidden by love ballads. Look for her husbands and daughters in the video. Martina looks and sounds better than ever...

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