A Little Afternoon Eye Candy
Okay, okay, so I missed 'Monday Morning Eye Candy.' I received so many messages and emails about how sad your were that you didn't get to wake up and see a bunch of hot guys that I decided to give you ONE super hot guy AND you can watch him playing his guitar, singing you a love song,…
Is There Too Much Money in Sports?
On the surface, the answer to that question seems pretty obvious, but maybe it's time to take a much harder look at that question. What brought this to a head for me is the Lance Armstrong story, which unless you have been stranded on Gilligan's Island, you know all about his situation.
Woman Surprises Strangers with Generous Gift
The phrase "my treat" took on a whole new meaning Wednesday in suburban San Diego.
In what may be a strange attempt at improving diplomatic relations, a 66-year-old white woman identified as Claudia Smith with a self-proclaimed love for Mexicans bought $5,000 worth of clothing for 5…
Talk About Money Before You Marry
When you get married, you take the other person for richer or poorer, right? Well, with wedding season itching closer than the space between belly button and cummerbund, you might want to know just how rich and how poor you’re talking about before exchanging "I dos."
A new survey from COUNT…
Driving Myths That Cost You Money
It wasn't that long ago that we were not overly concerned about the price at the pump and our driving habits. Fuel prices are at an all time high and with the economy itself suffering, we are looking for any way we can to save money especially with our cars.
Hundreds Of Dollars Won Already
99.5 WDKQ and have already unloaded hundreds of dollars with the Cash Call!  This is your LAST WEEK to win, but there's still much more to come.  Congratulations to the following winners who took home anywhere from $50 to $600!