Leonardo DiCaprio

20 Movie Co-Stars Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other
If you read a headline today about how much Tommy Lee Jones hated working with Jim Carrey in Batman Forever and thought it sounded familiar, that’s because you’ve definitely heard this one before. Back in 2014, Carrey made an appearance on Howard Stern’s show, where he revealed …
‘The Revenant’ Trailer: Get Your Oscars Ready
If you’re already looking ahead and wondering what movies will wind up with Oscar nominations in early 2016, you should start paying close attention to The Revenant. The new trailer for the Leonardo DiCaprio wilderness revenge thriller has arrived and, wow, is it beautiful.
Who Are The Most Romantic Movie Couples? [VIDEO]
In the movies, it's all about chemistry. When the leading lady and  leading man look at each other, you want to feel it!!  A "Best in Film" survey jointly conducted by ABC News and People magazine found these couple to generate the most heat! …