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‘Safe Haven’ Trailer: Yup, It’s a Nicholas Sparks Movie
Though he doesn't have the drawing power of the 'Twilight' franchise, Nicholas Sparks and films based on his work have become a cinematic sub-genre of modest success. Films like 'The Notebook,' 'Dear John' and 'The Lucky One' have been box office hits on a small scale. The latest Sparks film adaptation is 'Safe Haven.' And now it has a trailer.
Rock Of Ages Movies Coming Out With Big Names
  Today, director Adam Shankman tweeted a brand-new photo from the set of his new movie, 'Rock of Ages,' featuring a never before seen glimpse of stars Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in full-on rock mode.  In the movie, set during the '80s, Baldwin plays Dennis Dupree, an aging rocker who is now the owner of club The Bourbon Room. Brand, meanwhile, plays Dennis' right-hand man, Lonny, who also ser
Julianne Hough: Too Hot For TV?
You've heard us talk about our "Hot Lists" on the morning show and Jon's denial of even having one. Anyways... Julianne is HOT and definately is on my list.  She’s got the looks, the voice, and the moves.  Well apparently, her moves are a little too hot for TV!