Weekend Box Office Report: The Box Office Goes ‘Home’
In one of the strongest box office weekends of 2015 so far, both Home and Get Hard opened strong while Insurgent and Cinderella continued to perform well. This was the rare weekend that literally offered something for everyone, with R-rated comedies and animated family fare exceeding expectations.
What Do Real Estate Ads Really Mean?
It can be difficult enough to keep up with texting jargon without calling the teenager in your family to translate it for you. Having to translate the words that real estate agents use to describe a house could potentially seem equally as challenging...
New Music Monday – Dierks Bentley
It's that time of week again.  Time for New Music Monday brought to you by Bayer's Plumbing.  This week, by your votes, we'll hear the new song from Dierks Bentley.  This year's headliner of the Big O Music Fest follows up his number one hit, "Am I th…