'ER' Turns 25 This Year Too
Listen, I get it. Friends mania has been running wild as of late. Why? Two reasons, one, it will move from Netflix to the NBC Universal streaming service Peacock next year and it turns 25. I'm almost ashamed to admit I forgot another pivotal, cultural juggernaut of a show also turns 25, ER.
A 'Friends' Reunion Hits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Like anyone who lived through the '90s, Jimmy Kimmel loved 'Friends,' but while being a fan of the television staple is wholly understandable, the depth of his affection is, well, perhaps not. Kimmel hosted 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston on his show last night, and while sh…
Live Longer, Seriously
According to a study that spanned over eighty years, cheery people die sooner. WHAT?!?!?!?!
Researchers found that some stress is actually good for you, as serious people may live longer than those with sunny dispositions.
According to MSNBC, here are some recommendations for long life from the stud…