Evansville Fall Leaf Pickup Begins Monday, October 26th
Summer is officially gone, and with it goes the green leaves on the trees in Evansville as they begin to change into shades of red, yellow, orange, a brown. No doubt a beautiful sight to see until they're all piled up on your lawn. Beginning Monday, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will gladly take those leaves and dispose of them for you.
Deep Fried Klondike Bar
When the Police Chief gives you a money back guarantee about a food at Fall Fest, you need to check it out! Dave and Travis tried the "Billy Bolin Approved" Deep Fried Klondike Bar!
Enjoy the Fall Colors
After a bout of unseasonable warm temperatures across much of Indiana, it now officially appears to be October here in the Hoosier state. And with the loom of autumn comes the leaves changing colors, which ultimately, contributes to one of the most breath taking seasons one can experience throughout the Midwest.
Watch The Seasons Change In A Minute [VIDEO]
After living in Florida for a year, I really began to appreiciate the changing of the seasons. Growing up in the Midwest, I expect to play in the snow in the winter, watch football -sitting on bleachers  while drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in a blanket in the fall, smell the flowers blooming in the Spring and sweat my butt off in the Summer. The beauty of the seasons is undeniable and I fee