The World’s First Color Film Discovered in a Film Can in England [Video]
One of the most important finds in the history of film was recently discovered in the National Media Museum in England - the world's first ever film shot in color. The film was found in a forgotten film canister. One of the museum's employees thought he might know what it was, but had no idea the importance of what he had found - the first color movie ever shot on film in 1902, which predates what
Lady A Tours The World [VIDEO]
Lady Antebellum are currently touring the world. In this video, they share adventures in Germany and France. But, Charles says his favorite city isn't in either of those countries. He said, "I'm a London guy. London was a little more laid back and had more pubs." ...
UFO Appears On Screen During British News Interview [Video]
During an interview with Parliament member Tom Watson on England's Channel 4 news, a mysterious object is seen zipping across the background from right to left. The object appears to be traveling at a high rate of speed and with a downward trajectory which makes it difficult to explain it being an airplane or a bird...
A Rare Eating Disorder
Kerri Dowdswell, 23 years old of London,  has a rare and mysterious condition that causes her stomach to look pregnant woman every time she eats. After eating, people think she is several months pregnant. Her stomach always shrinks back until she eats again. She has to we...
Hooked On Sausage
MMMMMMM.....breakfast!! LOVE breakfase!! Eggs, bacon, sausage....sausage....sausage and more sausage! Here's a challenging case for Dr. Drew. A 47-year-old British man is hooked on sausage. David Harding, who has eaten sausage in some form every day for the last 42 years, is so desperate to kick the unusual addiction that he has undergone therapy to cut the food out of his diet.
This Ferrari Is Affordable
If you ever wanted to be the owner of a sleek and flashy red Ferrari, now's your chance -- assuming, of course, you don't mind that it's made out of wool. That's right - wool.