Dancing With the Stars

Kellie's Dancing Pics
Kellie Pickler proved to the world that she can do more than just sing, as the winner of this year's Dancing With The Stars.  As you know, I'm always willing to watch Kellie, no matter what she's doing, but there was just something super sexy about her dancing.  I'm not…
DWTS Starts Tonight
Ever since I heard that Kellie Pickler was set to appear on this season on 'Dancing With The Stars,' I have seriously considered changing my Monday night viewing from WWE wrestling.  After all, it's either John Cena and Randy Orton compete in skimpy outfits, or Kellie Pickler com…
Are You Ready For Some Dancing?
'Dancing With the Stars' season 12 premiered last night, and while it lacked the headline power of Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin, there were plenty of memorable moments that will have everyone talking at the post-show watercooler. Here are the four that stood out the most: