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Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression Moves From SNL to Satirical Memoir
It wasn’t terribly long ago we learned Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression would expand from SNL to “other venues,” but where Will Ferrell’s “W.” went to Broadway, Baldwin is going to print. He and Kurt Andersen will develop a satirical memoir of Trump’s “Really Tremendous” first 100 days, with Baldwin reading the audiobook.
‘Concussion’ Trailer: Will Smith Takes on the NFL
As of December 2012, thirty-three former NFL players have been formally diagnosed post-mortem with CTE. As the NFL continues to try to bury the issue (they recently denied permission to Seau’s daughter to speak in-person at her father’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony over fears she would publicize the CTE debate), a new film looks to tackle the issue head on and today we have our first look at Concussion.
Alec Baldwin To Host NFL Honors On Superbowl Eve
As if we need one more awards show, the NFL is gonna add their name to the list.  The awards show, NFL Honors makes its debut February 4th, Super Bowl eve, on NBC. The league will pass out awards including the MVP and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.  It will be h...
Rock Of Ages Movies Coming Out With Big Names
  Today, director Adam Shankman tweeted a brand-new photo from the set of his new movie, 'Rock of Ages,' featuring a never before seen glimpse of stars Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in full-on rock mode.  In the movie, set during the '80s, Baldwin plays Dennis Dupree, an aging rocker who is now the owner of club The Bourbon Room. Brand, meanwhile, plays Dennis' right-hand man, Lonny, who also ser