Meet Archie, he's adorable, and full of personality! But he's a little old, and is a sweet senior boy, whose vet care will be covered by Another Chance for Animals. He's looking for a home he can relax in and live out his golden years. 

Photo by Linda Barnes Drake
Photo by Linda Barnes Drake

Let me tell you something about dogs, you see puppies, they're cute. Really cute. But when they eat your shoes or something expensive all of a sudden they aren't so cute anymore haha! We put up with them and keep them around, because as they get a little older and a little slower something happens. They turn into senior dogs.  And I'll let you in on a little secret, there's absolutely nothing sweeter or more heartwarming, than the love of a sweet senior dog.

I read one time a quote that said "raising a dog is like a rainbow, puppies are the joy at one end, and old dogs are a treasure at the other."  I cannot find who said it, but if you know let me know! However I do believe no truer words have been spoken!

My friend Linda posted about Archie, and how could I pass this sweet face up?  Something about those sweet gray muzzles melt my heart! Here's what Linda had to say about him:

Archie, senior dog, is hoping someone out there who loves older fellas will come rescue him. He seems in pretty good shape. A little arthritis in his hips. He will need to go to the vet to be checked out to see if he’s adoptable or need a hospice home. ACA will pay for vet care. He’s very quiet in his kennel. Just need a soft bed to take his naps on! Can you help Archie???

So if you have it in your heart for a senior dog, check out Archie at Evansville Animal Control, or reach out to Another Chance for Animals for more info, he might just be the guy you're looking for.

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