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Winter is great but it's cold and I need all the blankets I can get.

This time of year I feel like houses are either super hot or cold. I like to keep my house cool to keep the cost down. Blankets are my weakness especially this time of year. I tend to go a bit overboard with buying blankets every time I go to Target.

I have always wanted a snuggie so I started looking on Amazon for a specific "snuggie" type of blanket/outfit to wear around the house since I am always cold. I came across this one that is a different brand called Catalonia and it's a wearable blanket. I was intrigued it was under $30 because I am always on a budget. Then I saw it had a plaid pattern and I was even more excited.

Photo: Catalonia Via Amazon


I was sold on it the minute I read it had pockets for your feet. You never have to worry about your feet getting cold or wearing socks! It's a win-win in my book. This is basically a giant, warm onesie.

Photo: Catalonia Via Amazon