As a child, my mom and I would lay in a blanket and look up at the clouds. As each cloud passed by, we would try to find an object or image within the clouds. It opened up my imagination to used the clouds to paint visual mental pictures on my head. I have fond memories of our times together with our heads in the clouds.

When my mom passed away, it only seemed fitting that she would send me a message in the clouds. My brother and sister had a hard time seeing what I saw, but that heart I saw gave me peace of mind that everything was going to be ok.

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Even though it might have been only a coincidence or I just saw what I wanted to see, it gave me comfort. In her memory, I am always looking at the clouds and marveling at their beauty. I think that is why when I came across this photo on Facebook, it took my breath away. There is no denying the heavenly stairs in this photo.

Isn't that amazing? It's as if heaven opened up to give us a peek. I hope heaven is that beautiful when I see it someday. Yes, it's kind of a cliche photo. This is how we all envision heaven to be. Well, until I see otherwise, the entrance to my vision of heaven will look just like the photo. It looks like a place worth being good for. ;-)


Mother Nature's Beauty and Power Captured By Evansville Photographer, Tom Barrows


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