With the weather being different this year, I was sure the terror of super hot temps were going to be here until Christmas. Soon, it was showing that summer was coming soon.

Birds chirping more.

Sneezing, and snotty noses that are associated with allergies.

The sounds that flip flops make. No, not the sound of someone walking right in them. The sound of sticky sweaty feet coming off the inside of the sandal, and the drag flop sound that follows. (I hate feet, and sandals because they show feet.)

Motorcycles. Always look twice when driving!!

If I could catch the sound of my two pugs shedding, I would add that. I cant. I can get you in that summer mood, here are some songs that have that summer feel!

"Cruise"- Florida Georgia Line

"Watermelon Crawl"- Tracy Byrd - Though I think you need a bit more alcohol if you wanna try that.

"The Seashore of Old Mexico"- Merle Haggard - Who doesn't love the Hagg?

"Some Beach"- Blake Shelton

"Fishin' in the Dark"-  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"Beat This Summer"- Brad Paisley

Now you cant forget these two!

I'm still curious how Alan Jackson kept that hat on most of the time he was water skiing.






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