My philosophy for pillows on the bed is the more pillows the better. Pillows to decorate and pillows to snuggle with. A bed like this, is heaven.

I always slept with something snuggled up next to me. I’m a side sleeper so a squeeing a pillow keeps my back form hurting. I started sleeping with a pillow when I was pregnant with my oldest child, It really helped me sleep better when I was supper prego. I even had a body pillow that I chose to slope with, but it was very generic.

Pillows like the DEW body pillow were not a thing. I love this idea though. It’s a giant pillow shaped like a bottle pf Mountain Dew. It’s approximately 4 1/2 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide. Perfect. According to bestproducts,

You’ll be able to get your own DEW Body Pillow at the online DEW Store likely in March 2021, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. It looks like we know what we’ll be gifting ourselves come springtime.

If Mountain Dew isn’t really your thing, but you like bread or need a boyfriend or girlfriend, these pillows may be more your style.

Whether it’s a stuffed animal or a full size body pillow, a pillow can really help you sleep better. My husband is even on the pillow bandwagon now. Because he is a back sleeper, he sleeps with a pillow on each side of him like a cocoon. Whatever works.

Happy snuggling. :-)

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