There is one question we get more than any other here at WKDQ when we're out in the community — "Hey, do you have any t-shirts?" And the answer is, "Yes. Yes we do."

Everyone loves a free t-shirt, myself included. I have two dresser drawers full of t-shirts, and I'd say I didn't pay a single cent for 90% of them, so I totally understand why we get the question so often. Plus, t-shirts are a great way to display your personality, or give people a glimpse into stuff you're into whether that's sports, movies and TV shows based on comic book characters, music, or in this case, you're favorite radio station. Thanks to our friends at Henderson Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, we have a brand new batch of shirts that will let you do just that.

As you can see from the picture above, the new shirts are Heather Red featuring our logo, complete with the reminder that we are your "#1 for New Country," across the font, and the Henderson Chevrolet logo across the back.

Want one? I'll assume you yelled out, "YES!" and now everyone around you at the office, or your house, or lobby of the dentist office is wondering what's wrong with you.

The good news is, getting one is easy, and better yet, they're free! All you need to do is listen to WKDQ to find out where we'll be in the Tri-State, then stop by and get one, while supplies last, of course. We always have a supply in the vehicle, so even if you see us at the gas station, or wherever, hollar at us, and we'll gladly toss you one (from a socially safe distance of at least six feet, of course).

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