This morning on the Q Crew Radio Show with Dave and Leslie, we were talking about Melissa being asked to be a bridesmaid in a destination wedding in Washington. Melissa is excited about going but Dave and Leslie think that is asking too much! You have to take off work, buy plane tickets, hotel, and unless you REALLY love this person, it seems like a LOT to ask.

So, what do you think? Should brides ask people to go out of town to be in their weddings or is that bridezilla?

Here's what some of our listeners are saying...

Nancy Beamon Jones If it is truly a good friend, I would try my best to go. It would be nice if the Bride or her family offered to pay for the airline ticket and hopefully they are offering her a place to stay.

Michael Barrentine Obviously if you're a good enough friend to say yes. Then you're good enough friends to be honest if you need help financially getting there. I mean they're already shelling out thousands what's a couple more hundred to help a FRIEND

Aleece Cox I was the first out of my friends to settle down and have kids, so luckily my friends have gotten married locally but they all know it would not be an option for me to be in a destination wedding due to my kids and finances

Crystal Lacer Majors I'd fly anywhere if it would get my best friend down the aisle. Lol

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