The principal of James Madison High School in Houston, Texas has been making national headlines lately after a letter she sent to her student's parents about wearing appropriate clothing on campus earlier this month went viral.

Why is that such a big deal? Students at schools all across the country have rules about what can and can't be worn at school, right? Right. What's made this particular letter about dress code a big deal is that it's not about what the students wear to school, it's about what the parents themselves wear. Yep, the principal has implemented a dress code for the parents themselves.

The letter states a number guidelines that parents must adhere to if they want to step foot on campus including, no hair rollers, satin caps, or bonnets covering the head, no ripped jeans, short-shorts, or low cut tops that reveal too much skin, and no pajamas of any kind, among others. A violation of any rule will require the parent to leave school property (or school event) and return once the violation has been corrected.

According to Principal Carlotta Outley Brown, and I'm paraphrasing here, student success starts with the parents, and it is the responsibility of the parents to set an example for their kids as to what is and is not appropriate clothing to wear outside the house as they prepare to enter adulthood and start applying for jobs, or simply going to the store. As you can imagine, the new rules have been met with some backlash.

I don't disagree with Ms. Outley Brown's reasoning. As a parent, one of our many responsibilities is to teach our kids appropriate public behavior which includes the way you dress since how you look is big part of how someone sees you. Whether that's fair or not is another debate for another time, but as a parent I believe it is on you to set the example for your kids, and rolling into school, or any public place for that matter, in your pajamas is not the best example.

To my knowledge, there are no schools in the Tri-State with a set of dress code rules for parents. Not yet anyway (if there is, please let me know). But should there be? Cast your vote in the poll below.

[Source: CNN]

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