Today is primary election day and one issue that will not be on the ballot until November is the City/County government merger referendum. This has been a hot button topic for quite sometime now and will be decided in November's General election. Arguements are strong on both sides of the issue. Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams is in favor of the merger, but also wants people to be completely informed on the issue before they cast their vote. Williams says he would hate for people to make their decision based on bad or false information. There will be educational campaigns launched soon that will educate people about both sides of the idea.

The Rev. Adrian Brooks is one who is against the idea of a merger because he does not see how this will spur economic development. Brooks is also concerned that a consolidated government could dilute the political influence of rural and minority voters and he's worried about how sagging property values in the city will be affected.

Some county residents are afraid of being saddled with bills incurred by the city over the years and feel like they shouldn't have to pay for something they did not help create.

Others feel like the county is making cuts every year as it is and fear the loss of positions and services in the county without the merger. They also feel like the city would be able to grow through annexation, but the county has no other option outside of consolidation.

We'll find out in November.

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