"Tell Me When It's Over" finds Sheryl Crow and Chris Stapleton uniting for a grooving yet sorrowful breakup song. Readers can press play above to hear the track, one of the new collaborations on Crow's forthcoming album Threads.

Written by Crow and Stapleton, "Tell Me When It's Over" is simultaneously reminiscent of her 1998 hit "My Favorite Mistake" (sonically speaking) and his song "Second One to Know" (thematically speaking), with Crow begging a love to "tell me when its over" as a relationship heads toward an end she knows is coming.

"Tell me when it's over / 'Cause I don't want to be the last to know," the two harmonize. "I know it's comin' ... 'cause you keep on runnin' / Keep on runnin' away from love."

Stapleton stays largely in the background on "Tell Me When It's Over," though of course his voice is instantly recognizable. He adds the response to the song's call-and-response sections and harmonizing with Crow throughout the track.

Ahead of Threads' release, Crow has also shared her collaborations with Johnny Cash ("Redemption Day"), Jason Isbell ("Everything Is Broken"), Maren Morris and Stevie Nicks ("Prove You Wrong") and Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples ("Live Wire"). The full track list finds Crow tackling a Keith Richards and Mick Jagger composition ("The Worst") with Richards, singing Kris Kristofferson's "Border Lord" with Kristofferson and more. There's a genre-spanning list of legends (from Chuck D of Public Enemy to James Taylor) and an equally impressive array of young talents (St. Vincent, Margo Price and others) featured on the album.

Threads, according to Crow, will be her final album. "It takes a lot of time and money and energy to create a fully artistic statement with a beginning, a middle and end. And, you know, you hope you have a song that lands on a playlist somewhere. People just don't listen to albums anymore," Crow tells Nashville Public Radio. "So I feel like this is a good one to go out on. And in the future, when I write something I feel like needs to be put out, we'll just put it out. We won't wait to make a whole album."

Threads is due out on Aug. 30 on Big Machine Label Group. Crow signed with the Nashville label specifically for the project.

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