Has it happened to you yet? Have you gotten your AARP card before you turned 50? If so, you know how it makes you feel and that is old. If not, your day is coming, trust me, It's coming.

I remember the day I got mine in the mail. Well, I wasn't the one who actually got it out of the mailbox, my husband just happened to be at the right place at the right time. By the right time, I mean he was able to get the mail delivery that contained the AARP invitation so he could bring it into the house and be the first one to see my face when I saw what it was. I was only 48 and was almost offended by its arrival. The invite served as an unwanted reminder that I would be turning 50 very soon. Being eleven years younger than me, my husband thought the whole thing was the funniest thing he had seen in a very long time.

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In hindsight, what I should have done is opened the invitation up right away and started taking advantage of all of the incredible savings. But, I wasn't old enough yet, right? Turns out I was way old enough.

With an AARP membership, you are supposed to be able to get all sorts of great deals on everything from restaurants and car rentals to cruises and sneakers, the discounts can really add up to a good amount of savings. But, you have to be over 50 right? No, you don't.

Thanks to travel blogger on TikTok and his amazing and financially fiscal travel intel, (or, just actually reading the terms of the AARP agreement) he was able to uncover just how much money we all could have saved over the years had we only really read the invitation too.

@zacharyburrabel#stitch with @holterman I eat deals for breakfast, lunch, and a very early bird 4pm dinner #travel#travelhacks#traveldeals#aarp♬ original sound - zacharyburrabel

This video went ultra viral and his reaction is hilarious.

@zacharyburrabelReply to @bon_bonn_ Not just for over 50s @aarp #travel#travelhacks#traveldeals#tipsandtricks♬ Sexual Healing - Kygo Remix - Marvin Gaye
Here is yet another travel hack. I love this guy. 

@zacharyburrabel Vroom vroom #travel#travelhacks#turo#traveldeals ♬ Sexual Healing - Kygo Remix - Marvin Gaye


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