The last month and a half I have been searching for a birthday present for my mom. Normally I have something in mind, make something, or something. This year has been extremely different! She brought me in to this world, and she has threatened to take me back out when I was a kid. Since I have moved in with her 2 months ago, between the two of us, we have just about every thing! She had the more practical cooking pots and pans, I had the bight weird kitchen stuff. Though I don't think my skeleton hand salad tossers or what ever you call those things will never really be used though. At least not with her. So, not list all of our crap, she had everything and I'm still at a loss to find her something.


I refuse to do the gift card route. Unless i knew what to specifically get her. I don't. I cant really buy her clothes. I get my love/hate taste in clothing from her. So unless its a tee shirt, No. Shoes falls under that call too.

So I went to I had to calm myself. I wasn't sure who I was exactly shopping for. The unique kitchen gadgets! Ladles that are to look like the Loch Ness Monster. Every house looks like they need Fred PASTASAURUS Pasta Server.  

Nothing seemed like they jumped out at me, and begged to be taken home. Ive checked in stores and different places. I still have time, but Its running out! I'll keep you posted!!


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