Santa Claus Indiana is no stranger to national attention. From Holiday World getting all kinds of recognition, to the thousands of letters to "Santa" that pour in each year, Santa Claus is no stranger to hosting celebrities! But tonight Santa's Candy Castle was featured on Man V Food! 


This is so exciting! Tonight Man V Food host Casey Webb took on the "Fire and Ice" challenge from Santa's Candy Castle where he had to eat a giant Avalanche which is their 64 oz frozen hot chocolate (which I tried last weekend when I went up there and OMG it's delicious, well I had a normal sized one, and not the Avalanche, but it was soooo good)! and then you have to eat a bag of spicy cheddar popcorn, and he had to finish both in under one hour!

The episode aired on the Travel Channel tonight at 8:00, be on the lookout for reruns, and for it to show up online!

It's so cool to see the tri-state getting special attention! Especially such a cool place like Santa's Candy Castle!

Oh, and you may have caught a glimpse of someone you may recognize! Gavin from our sister station 106.1 KISS FM made a special appearance on Man V. Food! Want to see the show? Click here for upcoming showing times on The Travel Channel!

Check out this look at Santa's Candy Castle




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