The internet has a new trend that doesn't require licking ice cream at the grocery store, or eating laundry detergent. This one is actually pretty simple to pull off, although the results may scare you.

The FaceApp Challenge uses the free FaceApp you can download from wherever you get your apps and allows you to apply any number of filters. The filter being used for this new challenge appropriately called, "Old," and the end result could be either flattering, or it could be what we ended up with. Take a look at The Geriatric Q Crew Morning Show with Ryan & Leslie.

(Simply Savvy Photography via FaceApp)
(Simply Savvy Photography via FaceApp)

Leslie looks pretty good, I on the other hand have a little more flabby neck skin than I'd prefer, and I'm not a huge fan of my hairline sliding back. With that said, I do have a bit of a Bob Barker from the Price is Right vibe going on and he's beloved by everyone so it's not all bad I guess.

It's eerie how well the app changes your face. Sometimes filters just overlay some element on top of your photo, and it's blurred, or doesn't cover your entire face very well. This one on the other hand, really looks like it added 30 years to your face. Wild!

We asked you to share your own results on our Facebook page Wednesday morning, and the results were pretty funny.

While these are all great, this one from Michelle Gamanche of her 4-year-old son is by far my favorite.

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