A historic house in Rochester, Minnesota has just hit the market. The Plummer Pump House, located at 933 11th Street SW was just listed to the public for the first time in 34 years. The house is beautiful but it’s what under the house that has everyone talking – the caves and tunnels.

The asking price is only $550,000 – I say only because that seems very affordable in today’s housing market. Check out the caves and take a peek inside by scrolling through the pictures below.

The Post Bulletin reports:

The tunnels or caves under the house are a bit of a mystery.

The main passageway carved from the cave is about 220 feet long, with a sidewalk up the middle and a lighted ceiling. It is 18 feet wide and more than 8 feet high. Shorter bisecting tunnels to the right and left of the main tunnel may have been used to store wine and vegetables.

Some say the caves may have pre-dated the construction of the pump house. One theory is that the caves may have been a beer storage area used by the Old Centennial, an early Rochester tavern that stood nearby.

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Whatever the reason there is no denying a home set atop a secret and extensive cavern and tunnel system is very intriguing.

Historic Rochester Home For Sale For The First Time in 34 Years

The Plummer Pump House in Rochester Minnesota was just listed to the public for the first time in 34-years. The listing price is $550,000. This house is located right by the Plummer house and water tower. Keep scrolling to see inside and underground!

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