These laws will make you think twice about throwing a snowball, feeding birds in a park, and kite flying.

There are some pretty crazy/weird laws in Illinois, but towns also have their own ordinances that you need to be aware of it you ever visit or move to these towns. If you're planning a trip to Chicago and wanting to fly a kite, you might want to think that through. Kites can't be flown in the city limits of Chicago, according to Neighborhood Newspapers.

Another strange law, if you plan in fishing in Chicago, don't do it while sitting on a giraffe's neck. Why they would even have to make this a law is beyond anything I can think of, but in case you would ever need a law like this, it’s there. I wonder if someone in the past did this and that is what it became a law? Who knows?

Love ice skating? Well, in Moline if you ice skate in the months of June and August (which I don't see how that is possible) it is prohibited, again I would like to see that and see the law enforced. If you and your family like feeding birds when you go to the park, make sure you don't do that in Bloomington, it’s illegal to feed any type of bird when you visiting the downtown square area. 

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Out of all of these, the next law is just plan ridiculous and someone just needs to make it go away. In Mount Pulaski, Illinois it's just perfectly fine for boys to throw a snowball and anyone, but against the law for girls to throw one. I mean, c'mon this is just the weirdest thing I have even seen, if you have a dog in Galesburg, make sure it's not smelly, it's against to the law to have a smelly dog. My question is, what dog isn't' smelly?

Just one more reminder on why it's so fun to live in the great state of Illinois!

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