One of the most popular rides at the Fall Festival was one that actually had a famous past and there was no way that I would miss out on riding it. The Wipeout is a ride that was formally owned by Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch. The ride was eventually sold to North American Midway Entertainment and is now one of biggest attractions (aside from the food) at the Fall Festival.

I have always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson. One of my goals was to see him in concert. That never happened, but when I found out that this ride would be at the Fall Festival a couple of years ago, I knew that this would be the closest that I would ever get to seeing the King Of Pop. So I wanted in line, and rode the Wipeout in style. Check it out:

You want to know what rides you can expect to see at the 2019 Fall Festival?  The West Side Nut Club has provided a list here.

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