Earlier this week Glenn Campbell passed away from his battle with Alzheimer's disease.  I remember hearing in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I was saddened cause I had figured that would be another classic country artist I wouldn't get to see. Thankfully, he made a stop in Evansville for his Good Bye Tour, Its been the best concert I've been to to date.

*Please keep in mind, these pictures were taken with an actually camera in 2012. I obviously didn't have the best one on the market and cell phone cameras were the same kind of bad.*

g2 001

You could sorta tell he was struggling with some of the words of the songs. I was oblivious to most of it cause I either didn't know how the song went, or I was in awe of his playing of the guitar. He still could play like no one's business.

g4 001

Almost near the end of the concert, I'm still sitting there amazed, Glenn Campbell was complaining about it being cold up there. So, some gave him a hoodie to wear. Not only did he have that thing zipped up, he was sporting the hood as well. It was super sweet that his son who was in the band with him put his hood up as well.

g1 001

Again, I was super excited and glad to have seen that concert 5 years ago. Ive seen plenty since then, and I would be daring to say, they have nothing on Glen Campbell! So grateful that though he has passed, his music will live on forever!






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