I'll be honest with you, when I hear that there is remake of any song, I cringe. Some remakes don't even need to happen, butchering a perfectly good song. Then you have some that well, aren't the original but still likeable. Rarely do you have one that knocks it out the park. I'm curious what you think of this one. No don't murder me, we all flip around to music. Its normal.

Lets take this fabulous song by Garth Brooks. The Thunder Rolls was released in the early 90's and if you didn't know he also played the scandalous husband.

Now, lets go to the remake. Its come from the metal band All That Remains. Take a bit of a peak.

If you are like me, when I hear the word metal I'm seeing lots of hair flying everywhere and a sharp pain in my neck. I will have to admit, Its not a terrible remake of this song. Its a bit edgy, and the original did have some edgy in the guitars as well. This could be a potential download if I'm wanting something different.  So Tell me, what do you think?


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