Reba is on her way to the brand new Ford Center in Evansville as the first country act to perform there.  She will be bringing along The Band Perry, Steel Magnolia, and Eden's Edge.  You have to wonder if Reba will take the stage with any of these youngsters for a collaboration.  If you look at her history over her long career, signs would point to yes.  Reba loves to duet and collaborate.  Here's proof, as I list my top 10 Reba collaborations.

10 ) Reba and LeAnn Rimes

As a part of her 2007 Duets album, Reba had the chance to do this song with someone who idolized her growing up.  Reba and LeAnn performed the song on the CMA awards together.

9 ) Reba with Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, and Linda Davis

For her album "Starting Over," Reba covered some of her favorite songs of the past.  For the Patti PaBelle hit, "On My Own," Reba recruited 3 of her closest gal pals to sing along.

8 ) Reba and Andrea Bocelli 

Time to get in the holiday mood, with this duet.  Who would have guessed Reba's sweet twang would mesh with an Italian opera master?  Enjoy this rendition of "Blue Christmas."

7 ) Reba and Kelly Clarkson 

So pretend you're a girl from Texas who grew up listening to Reba.  You go from nobody to huge star thanks to a new talent show on TV.  Then, your idol calls you up to tell you she wants to record a song you wrote...and she wants YOU to sing with her on the record.  Welcome to Kelly Clarkson's world.

6 ) Reba and Brooks and Dunn (Part 1)

Ronnie Dunn has said that he had Reba in mind when writing "Cowgirls Don't Cry."  Reba is the ultimate cowgirl after all.  Maybe that's why after only a month on the charts, Brooks and Dunn re-released the song with Reba singing on it too.

5 ) Reba and Justin Timberlake

This was one of the more interesting combinations on the "Duets" album.  How would Reba sound singing with the prince of pop?  Well see for yourself, I think they sound very in-sync (pun intended) on this tune.

4 ) Reba and Kenny Chesney

It's hard to go wrong when you have Kenny Chesney singing with you.  But it was this song that spoke volumes to many split families all over the world.  Also from the "Duets" album, it's Reba and Kenny singing "Every Other Weekend."

3 ) Reba and Vice Gill

When these two native Oklahomans teamed up, it was magic.  It's possible that the only country artist that has collaborated more times than Reba is Vince.  This was a big hit in the mid 90's for these two buddies.

2 ) Reba and Linda Davis

Linda Davis was an unknown name, until she started to tour as a backup singer on Reba's tours.  Reba had so much faith in Linda, that she paired with her for what became one of her signature songs, and certainly Linda's.

1 ) Reba and Brooks and Dunn (Part 2)

Reba did a lot for the career of Brooks and Dunn...and they are now done as a duo and Reba keeps on truckin'.  In an interesting move, Reba and B&D teamed up for a song called "If You See Him/If You See Her."  Shortly after Reba released an album called "If You See Him" and Brooks and Dunn released the album "If You See Her."  It was the best co-promotion I'd ever seen, and the song itself ranks as my favorite Reba collaboration!

I hope you enjoyed all these Reba and company hits.  Make sure to get your tickets starting Friday at 10am to see Reba at The Ford Center on November 11th.

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