Reba McEntire and her boyfriend, CSI: Miami actor Rex Linn, are getting comfy down on the country singer's farm. That's clear in the latest adorable snapshot of the pair with one of McEntire's animals, a donkey named Poncho. But it's not the first farm photo the couple has taken together.

Yet it is the most recent example of McEntire's love for Linn, whom the country singer started dating sometime in the past year. After a courtship that blossomed during the coronavirus pandemic, the two made their public debut at the 2020 CMA Awards, which McEntire co-hosted with Darius Rucker.

Right after Christmas, McEntire shared the photo of herself, Linn and Poncho on social media. In the caption, she refers to an earlier pic of the couple with one of her chickens, creating a cheeky photo hunt for fans that also involves "Lefty" — presumably the name of another farm animal.

"When Poncho got wind of the picture of Rex and me with Mr. Pecker, he got his feelings hurt," McEntire says alongside the photo of her with Linn and the donkey. "So here is Poncho. Please don't tell Lefty."

A follow-up shot from the same day (Dec. 27, 2020) captures McEntire with three horses. Again, the entertainer jokes that the animals got jealous because of previous photos with her furry friends:

"Well, the boys heard about the picture of Rex and me with Poncho," she adds. "They got their feelings hurt. So here's a picture of me and the boys."

She again warns, "Don't tell Lefty."

However, as Today points out, it's never made explicitly clear who Lefty is. So Reba fans will just have to mull that mystery over until the next time McEntire grants us an inside look at her adorable animals.

A couple of days before the cute Christmas photoshoot with McEntire and her boyfriend, the singer shared a holiday message about staying safe during COVID-19 and looking forward to the new year.

"Please stay safe and healthy so we can all get together in 2021," McEntire said in the video message. "This has been a booger bear of a year, and I'm very thankful and grateful that we got through it. It's coming to a close, and we can start looking forward and thinking positively for the next year."

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