Regardless of how our lives may have changed from year to year and decade to decade, some things have remained pretty much the same. In this case, I'm talking about Friday nights in the Fall. High school football games have been, and continue to be a rite of passage for students everywhere.

For students, it's a time to hang out with friends, away from teachers and parents. It's a time to flirt with that special someone. It's a time to show your school spirit as part of the student section, the marching band, or the cheerleading squad. Or, perhaps it's a time to shine on the field as a member of the football team. For parents, it's a chance to hang out with friends and family, and to reconnect with old friends.

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The fashion, hair, music, and slang might be different from when we were in school, but those nights and the memories created are essentially the same. I recently found a gallery of photos full of those kinds of memories - memories that are more than 50 years old. It's a collection of pictures from the Fall of 1970, taken at Enlow Field in Evansville, Indiana, the home field for Bosse High School football games. The photos were shared by Andy Froehle, who tells me they were taken by his deceased uncle, Jim Froehle.

The photographs paint a great picture of what it was like to be a high schooler in 1970. There are several pictures of cheerleaders from various Evansville high schools. Side note: my mother was a cheerleader for Bosse in 1970 and she make an appearance in the gallery. There are pictures of the band, both on and off the field. Overall, just a bunch of people enjoying some crisp Fall nights at the ball game.

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