My name is Philip Pepper, and I am the new, amazing, goofy, and super handsome intern! You can honestly call me anything. I respond to Philip, Phil, Pep, Pepper, and now, "Hey intern!" I am from Bloomington, IN, but decided to leave and come to USI to study PR and Advertising. I am possibly one of the most funny, yet down to earth people you can meet. When you need a good laugh, I am sure I will muster something up to get a smile out of you.

As an intern my goal is to contribute to something, big or small. I want people to remember me. I want to have a positive contribution to the work environment here, along with making my new colleagues laugh and smile when I come around. I want them to want   me around. I want to have input in things and be one of the best interns this place has ever had (sorry not sorry).

I'm the type of guy to meet you and begin laughing, cracking jokes, and it'll seem like we've known each other for years, but when it comes to work and get things down, don't let my "funniness" fool you. I AM the hardest worker you have ever met and am willing to do anything to complete a task given to me.

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