It was June 14, 1961 when Patsy Cline and her brother Sam were involved in a horrible car accident in Nashville. Seat belts were not common in those days and Patsy wasn't wearing one. She was thrown completely through the windshield. Her closest friend Dotty West arrived quickly to the scene and remembers Patsy asking that the driver of the other vehicle be tended to first. Unfortunately, that driver died at the scene.

In addition to wrist and leg injuries that kept her hospitalized for a month, Patsy had a huge cut across her forehead. While she recovered, her husband had come up with a new song for her. He heard a tune on a jukebox by Paul Buskirk and his Little Men featuring Hugh Nelson. The Nelson fellow turned out to be the writer of the song, Willie Nelson. The tune was "Crazy" and Patsy had her next record.

Patsy was still recovering from her accident when she hobbled into the recording studio on crutches to record the song. The musical background had already been recorded--a technique that was rather rare in 1961. Patsy leaned on her crutches, took a deep breath and recorded one of the greatest country classics in one take.

Later as she was still recovering, Patsy was back doing concerts, TV and the Opry. The problem was that nasty scar. Patsy used wigs and hairpieces to cover it, but mostly she used a headband. You can see this fashion statement on display in this early 1962 film from the Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry TV show.

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