The older I get, the more I have become a wine lover. My age may have nothing to do with it as much as the fact that everyone around me loves it so much, I might as well be a card-carrying member of the club. So, as a group, we are always looking for wine-inspired everything.

I'm drawn to things like wine cruises, boxed wine backpacks, recipes on how to make wine in an Instant Pot, Golden Girls wine glasses, Halloween costumes, wine tasting jobs, and even a gadget that helps me drink wine in the shower. By the way, all of these things can be found on our website and through our app, just search the word, wine.

I also made up my very own Southern Indiana wine tour that even involves some amazing waterfalls. It comes with a map with directions and the estimated time you will need to take to complete the tour. What a great way to see the Fall foliage.

Sure wine and waterfalls soungs pretty great, but how about wine and a corn maze. You don't want to miss the event coming up in Ownensboro, KY, at Trunnells Farm Market.

Make plans with your friend's group now to challenge yourselves to wine your way out of this corn maze.

It's the first weekend in October so there is no time to waste. Get all of the info you need, HERE.

Here is more wine and Fall fun. Keep scrolling to see all of it.

Southern Indiana Waterfalls and Wine Tour

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