One Evansville, Indiana attraction is offering the opportunity for you to enjoy a meal inside a ski gondola, all while keeping yourself firmly planted on the ground.

Chill in a Ski Gondola

Your fear of heights won't interfere with your ability to enjoy a meal inside a ski gondola when you make a reservation at Evansville's NOCO Park with their Mount NOCO Winter Experience. If a ski gondola isn't your thing or maybe you want to bring more than a friend or two, check out their igloos!

Noco Park’s MOUNT NOCO Ski Lodge exhibit is the place to visit for an aesthetic, winter seasonal immersion. Ideal for friends, families, couples, or work parties – the venue has the flexibility to cater to all guest groups.

Reserve an igloo, our ski gondola, or a table in our Ski Lodge Tent. Enjoy hot mulled wine around our fire pit or sip a glass of Prosecco whilst gazing at the stars.

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Enjoy a Meal

If you rent a gondola, igloo, or table at NOCO Park's Mount NOCO Ski Lodge, you'll also get access to the Mount NOCO exhibit - the perfect backdrop for some fun winter photo opportunities. Each rental also includes a two-course meal and hot cocoa worthy of posting to the 'gram. Learn more about Mount NOCO and buy your tickets here.


More About NOCO Park

What was once an empty lot in Evansville's downtown is now a vibrant and thriving creative space that brings the community a rotating array of pop-up events and venue space available to rent. Want to see some of the past pop-up events held at NOCO Park? Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages but be warned - you will want to visit immediately!

[Source: NOCO Park]

See How Downtown Evansville Has Changed Over the Years

I find looking back on the way things used to be fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm living through the current time period. The conveniences of answering any question we have in seconds, or ordering practically anything we want or need and having it delivered to our doorstep is pretty sweet. But, there is something fun about seeing how things around us have evolved. As an Evansville native, and spending quite a bit of my time in downtown Evansville (that's where the station is located), I've always appreciated the older architecture of the buildings around the area. So, I dug into the Willard Library Archives to see how a few of those areas look now compared to then. Some have changed a little, others quite a bit, and a few don't even exist any more. Take a look.

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