Billy is well known for being Evansville's "flag guy" he stands down on Riverside and waves American flags.  He's well known in Evansville for bringing joy to all who see him. Although recently some scary rumors were recently spread around him.

(Photo Credit: Matt Deig & Caitlin Bradley Humans of Evansville)
(Photo Credit: Matt Deig & Caitlin Bradley Humans of Evansville)

It all started last week when Evansville Watch posted a photo of Billy. Apparently a follower of Evansville Watch hadn't seen him out for a while and was concerned for his well being.  Thankfully it was found that he was just fine.

Last night someone posted a photo of Billy and said "RIH Billy has passed away"  and people shared it like crazy.

Thankfully Evansville Watch posted an update where there follower who lives in the same building as Billy was able to confirm he was in his apartment and was fine.

It just goes to show what a light Bill is in this community! He brings smiles to everyone who passes him while he is waving flags downtown.  He reminds us to take joy in the small things, and be grateful for this great country we live in.  Billy goes to show us that a small act of kindness can mean a great deal. I hope that Billy will learn how cherished by the community he is!

This post was also to confirm Billy was alright:

There's a Facebook page called "Humans of Evansville" and Billy was showcased on it. He has a great story to tell!

We will keep you updated if we hear anymore on this story, but as for now, if you see Billy out, wave at him, or maybe stop and shake his hand, let him know that the community values him and his work! 

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