Some of life's mysteries just are not meant to be solved. Why is water wet? How did people first realize you can toast bread? Some things we just aren't meant to know. Here's another. Why did some Illinois schools get so fired up that they banned one specific snack from their lunchrooms forever? It's a mystery.

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I wish I could answer the why question, but (spoiler alert) I can't. I can only share something I've seen repeated and verified by many. It's the fact that some Illinois schools went out of their way to ban one snack completely and forever.

Are you ready for this reveal? Sure you are, so I'll spill it (no snack pun intended).

The answer? Illinois schools banned Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Chicagoist, Stacker and Find Law confirms this urban legend is true. One of the possible reasons why is hilarious. I'm not making this up when I say that the Rockford School District for example thought the snacks were "too addictive".


Stacker added some other reasons why these Cheetos are now a sort of snack "contraband" in some Illinois schools saying they "lack of nutritional value, and, well, messiness". That last part is so true. If I'm ever lost, just have the search dogs sniff the Cheetos crumbs that remain on half of my clothing and the lid of my laptop. (*sad face*)

If you're a Illinois rebel, you might be interested to know that there's a movie about the guy who created Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Long live the addictive (and messy) Cheeto.

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