School is back in session for most area schools and to celebrate, we've teamed up with Robert John & Associates to grant the one tri-state school's parent-teacher organization $1,000 to use on whatever they want! The contest started last Monday and school PTOs from all over Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois have been going head-to-head to prove that they have the MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT! Things changed DRAMATICALLY over the weekend. So, take a look at the new standings!

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Now, keep in mind there can only be ONE winning school PTO! And keep in mind that we still have a LOT of time left in this contest. At this point, it's truly anyone's game. So, keep sharing! Keep voting! Keep appreciating your PTOs and all they do for your school!

One of the things that I've recently learned is that a school's PTO (or PTA) group does more than bake sales and meetings. Want new playground equipment? Ask the PTO. Need iPads? Yep, PTO. Think your school needs pretty landscaping, teacher appreciation events, and those fun family events that bring the community together? You got it - the PTO is the group that makes it ALL happen.

But guess what playgrounds, iPads, landscaping, teacher appreciation, and fun events need... Yep, $$! Every dollar is important and PTOs are incredibly important to a child's school experience. So, if you have school-age kids, get involved! And be sure to share share share! The more votes, the better your chance of WINNING!

Voting will be open on August 16th and run thru September 7th. If you'd like to add a school to the list, please email our editor here.

This contest is a multi-station contest. (WBKR, WKDQ, WJLT, WGBF-FM, WGBF-AM, WOMI, WDKS) All Townsquare Media contest rules apply. Voting is conducted via a third-party voting platform Crowdsignal and is not controlled by Townsquare Media employees. Prize will be provided by Robert John & Associates Law Offices of Evansville. Winning PTO will be contacted after September 7, 2021 and arrangements will be made at that time to present the check. All taxes are the responsibility of the winning party. *School must be within a 100-mile radius from Evansville, IN. ALL TOWNSQUARE MEDIA CONTEST RULES APPLY. 

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