At this point in my life, I'm not sure if kids are in my plan, or if I'll be a bonus mom. Earlier this week I had one of those realizations that kind of stuck with me. I'm in my 30's and I'm the first to admit, I don't think I want to grow up. Yes, I have a full-time job, insurance, bills, all the other things you need to live. But I like silly things. Who has a T-Rex sticky notes? Me.


Denise has been my best friend since I met her in 2006. We've been through a lot. Marriages, a divorce, distance, and now she's a momma. In the past, we sometime forgot how old we were. Who were the two adults sledding at the park when it was snowy?


The same two adults who did this.


So this week when I was on my way to Denise's for her party. I stopped to get a diet drinks and I seen these light up bracelets. In my head I'm thinking, "oh one for me and Denise." Then I stopped. Denise has two kids. This was a ton of bricks that hit me. Its not a new thing that she has two kids, the oldest is 2. It was like, oh I should be more mature. I smiled to myself as I thought, "well I'll just get this for them and be the best bonus aunt." A part of me felt somewhat older. Then I felt better when my mom seen them in the car, and asked if those were for me.

Fast forward to later in the night, when it was dark. The bracelets were lit up so you can could see the kiddos quickly. They flashed, which I became glad that I didn't wear one. The flashing was too much for me, it was making me sick. Go figure!

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