Summer time means that most will be going out in to the wild world and have some sort of an adventure. Maybe you are just driving in a heavy construction area, doesn't matter. Please figure out where you are going.

Obvious? If it was I wouldn't be doing this. "Well I have GPS on my phone, it will tell me where to go." Great. Does it tell you that Bralyn and Jaron are crossing the street ahead. No? Then look up. Cars go in reverse and the car all be turned around.  If you call and ask for directions, I am proud of you! Please, stop the car while you are doing so. I was giving directions to someone who sounded like she was about run over a few pedestrians. NOTHING is worth that!! Lets add even more chaos to that, I said the directions like I knew them. Did we listen? Shoot no! We went our own merry way and then called for a detailed turn by turn. I'm my mothers child, I go by landmarks. Reliable? Not really, but zero pedestrians have been kissed with my car.

Now I understand that construction happens. Have you been in downtown Evansville? I'm pretty sure they are going to close the way I know to work one day, and I will have a small fit about it. Its okay. Not the end of the world quite yet. There will be a new place eventually that has construction, and traffic will be ugly. Don't aid in the hysteria. How would you do that? Fiddling on your phone. Blah, blah, blah, you hear it all the time. Well I'm gonna say it again. Put it down if you are in a area you are unsure of driving in. I'm guilty of it myself, I have a 45 minute drive to and from work. I get bored. But don't risk changing your live for a stupid junk email. Its summer and there will be kiddos out playing. If you live around kids, or driving around that, use cation.

Just please keep in mind, it's summer. Enjoy it. Be cautious. Don't be stupid!




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