It was bound to happen at some point in time. If you have been to a movie at any Showplace Cinema in Evansville, Newburgh or Henderson recently, you have seen the on-screen warning about cell phone use in the auditorium. It is strictly prohibited, as it should be. There is always that one person that is Facebooking and Tweeting right through the previews. It so unbelievably rude and annoying!Well, a movie theater in Minnesota is going to change all that and allow smartphone use. The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis will be offering a limited number of what they call, 'Tweet Seats' to people who just have to Tweet during the show. The seats will be located in a balcony so as not to interfere with or irritate other movie patrons.

The seats will be available beginning this Thursday and will cost $15. You will have to call ahead to get these seats. There are some who believe this will help some movies get attention they would not otherwise get, thus selling more tickets, but others think it's a bad idea and an even worse precedent.

It's bad enough that no matter where you go anymore, people just cannot put their phones down. What ever happened to one on one communication? Is checking Facebook and e-mail really that important?

I personally think this will open Pandora's Box because there is a time and place for everything and this type of activity in places like movie theaters needs to be discouraged. Where does it end? To quote Shakespeare, "To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question". OK, maybe that wasn't Shakespeare, but I think you get my meaning.