It's important to note from the beginning that this is not a funny story. It's actually tragic for a multitude of reasons, but it is true. A Midwest man is accused of killing his friend because he believed that his buddy was going to try and feed him to Bigfoot.

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This remarkable story happened in southern Oklahoma. KFOR 4 out of Oklahoma City tells the story of two men who went out noodling when one is alleged to have killed the other over a Bigfoot fear. The strange aspect of this other than the obvious is they reportedly were really good friends prior. As a matter of fact, they report one man's son was dating the other's daughter.

I will not include their names here as I fear this is the type of story that will become a social media joke when the reality is really terrible and affects multiple families.

So sad on so many levels. Both families have now suffered loss. You have children that will now deal with not having a father around for different reasons.

How and why Bigfoot was used as a reason for the murder complaint is unknown. The KFOR report says that authorities are investigating to determine if alcohol or drugs were involved.

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