Meet Stacia Howard. She became $1,000 richer this week playing Social Distance Dollars on 99.5 WKDQ!

Stacia and her husband live with their two boys in Whitesville, Kentucky. When she's not trying to keep her three and five year old entertained (which any parent can tell you is like having two full-time jobs), and home schooling them due to Kentucky's stay at home order, she works as a surgical nurse at Owensboro Health.

We called Stacia Friday morning to surprise her with the good news. Take a listen below to hear her reaction:

Not only did Stacia win the $1,000, she's qualified to win the $10,000 grand prize that will be awarded in a few weeks. And guess what? You could be next! Listen weekdays at 9:20 with us, 1:20 with Jess, and 4:20 with Travis to get the Social Distance Dollars code words. Each word is worth $1,000 when you enter them here. The cool part? Even if you don't win $1,000, you're still entered to win the $10,000 grand prize like Stacia!

We know you're busy, and time may get away from you, so be sure to have the WKDQ app on your phone, and turn on "Exclusives" under Notifications to get a reminder before each code word is announced. If you don't have our app, enter your phone number in the box below to get it.

Good luck, and hopefully we'll be calling you next!

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