When it comes to athleticism, strength, and speed, some women can really hold their own with men. Women may have smaller frames and build, but we are mighty. Challenge us, we'll show you.

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Ok, so in general, men might be able to outrun women and out-lift women, but women do have one area that we are naturally built for and men have a harder time competing: flexibility.

Overall, women seem to be more flexible than men. Why is that?

Why do females have more flexibility than males?

Alexander Orthopedics explains it like this, 

In general, women are typically more naturally flexible than men, part of this is because of the makeup of their connective tissue. Now, this is a generalization but work with us. Women typically focus on activities that require more flexibility, such as yoga, dancing, pilates, etc.

Maybe that's why this wife easily beat her husband in a mobility challenge that was made popular on TikTok. It looks more like a flexibility challenge, but either way, the wife did it effortlessly. While her husband, never made it off the floor.

Here is what Rumble had to say about this La Porte, IN, couple,

Husband and Wife, Alissa and Evan, were sent the video challenge and had to try it one late night at home. The wife successfully did it with no problem, the husband fell on his face.

Take a look. LOL



You go, girl! I think the outcome surprised him. So funny.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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