Just when we are putting away all of our holiday decorations, the Louisville Zoo is decking the halls for a wizards holiday.

All my kids were obsessed with Harry Potter. We read ll the books and saw all of the movies. My 11 year old, book loving, niece is still a huge fan. I know my granddaughter will be too, it's in her blood. The whole family will be making a trip to Louisville for A Wizards Christmas, even the adults.

According to their Facebook page, events planned include -

  •  A Wizard's Christmas: Dinner and Marketplace (family friendly) - weekends
  • A Wizards Christmas: Brewfest (must be over 21)) - weekdays
  • A Wizards Christmas: Trivia Night (must be over 18) - weekdays

Wizard attire is encouraged at all events, so you can have fun with it.

Take a look at a recent, similar event in Frankfort, KY.

Get tickets and more info HERE.

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