The horror/thriller movie, Morbid Colors, was shot right here in the Tristate. The young, creative filmmakers, crew, actors and movie soundtrack musicians are originally from this area. They also have strong connections to me. Some of them are actually my former students. My heart bursts when I see them living creatively.

Last year, a movie premier was planned but because of technical difficulty it was cancelled. Those involved were devastated. But, they have been able to fix the problem ready to show it off.

Watch the latest trailer. The stars are two of my awesome kids/theater students. I love them like they were my own kids. #Proud

According to the Morbid Colors Facebook page you will now have multiple chances to see the movie on a screen.

Morbid Colors/Facebook
Morbid Colors/Facebook
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Listen to a song written for the movie by local rock band Reed Four. It's SO good!

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes to the blood bath.

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