So, it all started with glitter - my love of glitter and my husband Quenton's hatred of the beautiful sparklies. He started a Facebook war calling me out about how much glitter he had to sweep up and how glitter never really goes away. Of course, I then had to fight back. I fought back with several GIFs of glitter on his Facebook page. I mean nonstop jabs of glitter in his newsfeed.

Now, just when I thought our fun Facebook feud was over, he goes and posts this. We have now moved from glitter to Green Tea.

I think he has way too much time on his hand's, don't you? BTW, he brought half of those boxes AND he drinks them too. He even showed my partially empty tea cups. WOW, that really hurt. LOL

OK, alright, that's how we're playing?  So, the Green Tea war has begun. And, by Green Tea war I mean, I will so get him back. He has weaknesses too and crazy things he does. Not sure if he remembers but, I make pretty funny videos as well. He is going DOWN. I'm seeing videos, pics, maybe hilarious scare pranks. Picture me rubbing my hands together and laughing with an evil tone of pleasure. This is gonna be so fun.

What can I say, THIS is how we show love.

Quenton has been giving me hell and teasing me from the very first date.

I guess I would have to say, this is the key, for us anyway. We have found more common ground, a deeper love, and better acceptance of each other plus our little quirks, though laughter. We're at our best when we are teasing each other, pranking each other or just laughing at the world around us.

There have been many times in our relationship when we found it hard to laugh. In fact, we were fighting more than we were smiling. Relationships are SO hard. After my first marriage, I wasn't looking to ever marry again. I wasn't even sure I was cut out for it.

But, Quenton is the Ying to my Yang. He drives me crazy, but in the best way. We don't agree on very much, but the most important things are solid. We are totally different. Daily, you will find each of us just shaking our head with disbelief at something the other one has done or said. I'm not sure we are anything close to soul mates, but it works. We work.

We tease to help us laugh and deal with the differences in our personalities. We accept each other for exactly who we are. THAT is the key. No one will fit into your perfect mold and if you think they do, they probably aren't being their real self with you. It's ok to be the mess in somebody's life and to love the mess they bring to yours. Be real, be honest and most importanty laugh.

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