If you find that your eyes are itchy, watery, red, inflamed and sometimes sensitive to light you could have eye allergies. This time of year is killer for my eyes. I always look like I've been crying.

I've suffered from allergies ever since I moved to the Ohio River Valley. Once I started going to see Dr. Russ, at Ridgway Eyecare Center, he recognized my symptoms and helped me with a plan to get some relief. He also gave me some way I could help get rid of some allergy triggers in my daily life.

What Are Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies happen when your body overreacts to something and your immune system kicks in gear to produce antibodies. This causes your eyes to release histamine that causes itching, red, watery eyes.
What causes eye allergies
  • pollen from grass, trees and ragweed
  • dust
  • pet dander
  • mold
  • smoke

Things You Can Do To Ease Common Eye Allergies - 

  • Stay Indoors when pollen counts are highest, usually in mid-morning and early evening.
  • Keep Windows Closed - Run the air conditioner. Don't use a fan. Fans can enflame your eyes even more. Window fans can draw in pollen and mold spores inside your house. Follow the same rules in your car.
  • Wear Eyeglasses or Larger Sunglasses  - They will help to block the pollen from your eyes.
  • Wash Bedding and Pillow Cases Frequently - Always wash them in hot water. Also, if your mattress is more than a few years old, consider getting a new one.
  • Keep Floors Clean - Always clean floors with a damp mop. Sweeping will stir things up, into the air. Rugs and carpets, trap and hold allergens. Consider replacing them with hardwood, tile, or other flooring so it's easier to clean.
  • Keep Humidity Under 50% -  Use a dehumidifier and clean it regularly.
  • Use Bleach Solution To Clean - Use in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Pets Can Be An Allergy Trigger - Keep them out of your bedroom.
  • Do Not Rub Your Eyes-  It make symptoms worse, so use a cool compresses instead.

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If you experience eye allergies and need that require treatment, contact Dr. Russ to schedule an eye exam. Many effective treatment options are available.

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